What is a LINE Official Account?

This service lets companies to create their own accounts. Companies can mass-send messages to users who have friended their account, post articles to the Timeline, and more. Company accounts are displayed within the LINE platform, allowing companies to reach a wide range of users on a mass-media scale.

  • About the Message Function
    You can send a message to all the users at once, who added your company's official account as a friend. Users are notified when the message arrives, so the open rate is quite high. If you send messages with merits for users, you can expect a high business stimulation effect.
  • About the Timeline Function
    You can post information on the Timelines of users that have registered your account as a friend. Users can "like" and add comments to your post, so you can use this as a place for communication.
  • About the Rich Message Function
    The Rich Message function allows you to bring photos and text together in one image to appeal to users in a way that is concise and easy-to-understand. You can expect a business stimulation effect higher than that of normal text messages.
  • About the PR Page Function
    The PR Page is a mini page that users can view on the LINE application. It can send coupons or long texts that cannot fit into a single message. You can easily create a PR Page from the management screen.
  • About the Research Page Function
    On the Research Page, you can send any content that generates interactions from users, such as questionnaires and popularity polls, via LINE Chat. You can use multiple functions that suits your purpose. Also, you can use not only the questionnaire result, but also can tally up demographic information of the respondents to use in marketing plans.
  • About the Keyword Answer Message
    This function replies to messages from users with a preset message as a perfect match. Set the keywords in advance, and responses are sent automatically based on those keywords. This can be used in various tasks including matching interests, responding to user questions, searching store information, and planning quizzes.

Promotion stickers

  • What is a Sponsored Sticker?
    With the Sponsored Sticker, you can turn your company's character into a sticker and distribute it to users for free to help increase your character recognition and improve your company's branding.

About LINE Points

LINE Points is a new rewards service that lets users earn and spend Points on LINE services.

More Details
  • Advertising (Users Earn Points)
    Advertising through LINE Points means access to one of the largest smartphone audiences in the world and a wealth of video promotion possibilities.
  • Exchange Points (Users Redeem Points)
    Users can to redeem Points for items such as LINE stickers and themes. Other items such as gift codes and vouchers are also available in certain regions.

Game Services

Game Services
  • Publishing Partnership Proposal
    A type of service through which one can provide a game service to global users via LINE Games. Developed games can be distributed to the world via LINE's global platform.
  • Channel Partnership Proposal
    Game companies not only can get their games published via LINE, but also directly manage the games by utilizing users on the LINE platform.
  • Other Business Partnership Proposals
    A range of game-related partnership opportunities available, including investment and business partnerships.

LINE FRIENDS Character Business Partnership

Proposes a range of business partnerships with our character brand LINE FRIENDS, in the areas of commercialization, collaborations, offline stores, events, and distribution.

Other Services

  • Sticker Shop Partners
    You can sell your original stickers at the LINE Sticker Shop. Recommended for partners looking to expand their animation/cartoon character business. We will offer stickers which make communication fun among LINE users!
  • LINE for Promotional Purposes
    LINE's Lucky Chance, Cross Media, Official Account, and other services are available for promotions. LINE will match your desired style and media for a comprehensive promotion, including advertising your products and services, or branding, etc.
  • LINE Channel
    This service allows apps and web-services to be integrated with LINE. By doing so, users can be offered a variety of services.
  • Sticker or theme rights infringements
    To learn more about the copyrights, trademark rights, or other usage rights of stickers and themes from LINE Creators Market, please contact us via the inquiry form
  • Other Inquiries regarding LINE Business Partnerships
    For all other inquiries related to LINE business partnerships, please contact us here.
  • LINE Blockchain
    Build your own blockchain services and token economy with LINE Blockchain.